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Fostering the joy of learning is one of The Scots College’s priorities for Year 3 students. We offer a holistic approach to nurturing young boys’ growth and learning inspired by a deep understanding of what boys need to thrive. The College has crafted a program in the Junior Preparatory School (Years 2 to 4) that cultivates academic excellence, fosters character development and encourages a true love for learning.

Year 3 boys enter the third of six developmental learning phases called, Wonder in the World.  These learning phases carefully guide the boys in character development by exploring the values of respect, perseverance, empathy, honesty and resilience.

Boys are encouraged to become co-creators of their knowledge, actively engaging with their classmates to explore, challenge and create in their world. Through hands-on activities, students develop critical thinking skills and learn the value of teamwork and cooperation.

As boys progress through the Junior Preparatory School, they embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth. Learning happens by facing challenges and overcoming obstacles. Boys are encouraged to push themselves out of their comfort zones, embrace challenges and learn from their mistakes. By dealing with setbacks day by day, boys develop resilience, perseverance and a growth mindset – which are all essential skills for navigating life’s ups and downs.

Lessons are designed to be stimulating so boys develop a true passion for learning that extends beyond the classroom. We recognise that academic success depends on a student’s willingness to engage with the tasks before him and strive for continuous improvement. At Scots, assessments consider a boy’s natural ability and his effort, encouraging boys to see the link between personal growth and academic achievement.

The emphasis placed on character development encourages boys to demonstrate values such as respect, empathy and honesty. Through mentorship programs, service learning opportunities and character education initiatives, students learn the importance of integrity, kindness and compassion. They begin to see that making a positive contribution is important. Gradually, the relationships they have with each other and their immediate and wider communities become increasingly important.

The Scots College program is more than an academic curriculum; it is a transformative journey that equips boys with the skills, mindset and values needed to thrive in an ever-changing world. By fostering a love for learning, nurturing resilience and instilling strong moral character, Scots prepares its students for a lifetime of personal and professional fulfilment.

Information Mornings

Join us for an Information Morning at the Preparatory School to discover how your son can have the finest preparation for life.

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William Elder


Mr Alan Elder was born in Scotland and migrated to Australia with his parents at a young age. He attended The Scots College for all his schooling, graduating in 1944. He played 1st XI Cricket and was a member of the College Cadet Unit. After leaving school Mr Elder studied accountancy and retained a life-long love of the College, especially the Pipes and Drums. Mr Elder never married, however the significant bequest he left will allow his Scots family to remember him through the Lang Walker Business Centre.