Our Graduates

“We seek to cultivate a body of graduates who are well-rounded, successful men of faith and independent mind, who influence their nation for the greater good and who strive to be worthy of their forefathers.”
The Strategic Intent of The Scots College 2016-2025

Our graduates will become young men who are:

  • confident, well-grounded men of integrity with a strong sense of identity, values, and character
  • motivated, disciplined and equipped to pursue the art of scholarship as an integral part of a rich and rewarding life
  • principled, compassionate and engaged citizens of their College, their community and their world
  • erudite and wise, with a worldview that encompasses knowledge of the past, perceptive insight into the present and innovative thinking about our global future.

Quick Facts

In 2021:

  • there were 193 Year 12 students, where 31.5% of the cohort received an ATAR over 90
  • two state rankings, placed 5th in Indonesian Extension and 9th in Mathematics
  • the College had 10 students on the Premier’s All-round Achievers list
  • 29 boys earned their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Source: HSC and Senior School Achievements 2021

Graduate Destinations

After their schooling at Scots, our graduates may pursue local or international tertiary education. Below are some examples of universities our past students have studied at.

Australian Universities

  • Australian Catholic University
  • Australian National University
  • Macquarie University
  • The University of Newcastle
  • The University of Sydney
  • University of New England
  • University of New South Wales
  • University of Technology Sydney
  • Western Sydney University

International Universities

  • Durham University
  • Pembroke College, Oxford
  • The University of Arizona
  • The University of Chicago
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • University of Pennsylvania

Higher School Certificate Results

Despite the disruption from the pandemic, the Class of 2021 performed incredibly well. Two hundred and twenty-one Distinguished Achievers (Band 6) were attained across all subjects. Most notably, The Scots College performed better than the NSW state average in Band 5 and 6 results for top performing courses in 2021.

The 2021 cohort’s impressive achievements include:

  • 29 boys receiving an ATAR over 95*
  • 10 boys reaching the Premier’s List (having achieved Band 6 in at least ten units of study)
  • two state rankings awarded in Indonesian Extension and Mathematics
  • over 200 Band 6 results achieved; a total of 221 Distinguished Achievers
* The College does not receive formal notifications of ATAR results but there is a tradition of boys sharing their successes with the College. The information presented was correct at the time of publication. If you have an update, please let the College know.


Daniel Botha, Year 12, Class of 2019

“My experience at Scots has been one of an abundance of opportunities. Scots has been a place that has allowed me to flourish in all aspects of school life; academics, sport, co-curricular, service and leadership.”

Zachary Newman, Year 12, Class of 2019

“Scots offers something for everyone. Wherever your interests lie – whether it’s music or sailing, drama or volleyball, debating or rugby – Scots can bring you together with like-minded boys and enthusiastic teachers to follow your passion. The best part of my Scots experience was leading the Pipes and Drums as Pipe Major. During my time with the Pipes and Drums, we toured twice to Scotland, played in the World Piping Championships, won state and national competitions and learned how to work and play together as a tight-knit team.”

Charlie Thompson, Year 12, Class of 2019

“My experience at Scots has been absolutely amazing. A Scots education includes a diverse range of opportunities, both academically and otherwise. I have made lifelong friends, and I firmly believe that I will continue to benefit from my Scots education for the rest of my life.”

Jock Hazelton, Year 10, Class of 2019

“Boarding is one of the best aspects of Scots. Having the opportunity to create unique bonds with staff and students is what makes boarding so incredible. Everyone in the boarding house sees each other at their lowest lows and their highest highs and that is why we all know each other so well and form a brother-like relationship with one another. The boarding houses are a home away from home; they create a home environment that makes every boarder feel safe and supported. Also, the food in boarding is great and the kitchen staff are always friendly and if you choose your words nicely you may even get a little more on your plate.”

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William Elder


Mr Alan Elder was born in Scotland and migrated to Australia with his parents at a young age. He attended The Scots College for all his schooling, graduating in 1944. He played 1st XI Cricket and was a member of the College Cadet Unit. After leaving school Mr Elder studied accountancy and retained a life-long love of the College, especially the Pipes and Drums. Mr Elder never married, however the significant bequest he left will allow his Scots family to remember him through the Lang Walker Business Centre.