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With the closure of gyms, health clubs and fitness centres across Greater Sydney, the motivation to remain physically active during lockdown can dwindle. The Scot College’s Mind Body Heart (MBH) Program has recognised this and completely reinvented its training schedule to accommodate the limitations of lockdown and encourage physical activity remotely. Zoom exercise programs that demonstrate correct technique can easily be adapted with household objects, within a virtual, support network.

The Scots College’s Strength and Conditioning Coach, Mr Samuel Cataldo explains:

“It is very important, at this time, that we are all being active. [In] lockdown, our metabolic output has been greatly reduced. Even the minimal physical activity of walking to class, climbing up and down stairs and socialising on the Main Oval during lunch time football has greatly been impacted. Not many people realise this type of physical activity contributes to our metabolism burning energy.

“Today, students and staff have found themselves at home in lockdown, having to continue their schooling and/or work behind the computer, reducing their need to move as frequently and promoting a sedentary lifestyle.

“The MBH team are combating this current challenge. [We are] holding, at the minimum, two weekly live remote-based strength sessions – per sport – via Zoom.

“The team brainstormed and filmed possible exercises students could do at home safely and with minimal equipment. Programs were put together into a video format which are played during the Zoom sessions to help demonstrate correct technique.

“These sessions mirror a typical program the students experience at the Scots gym, substituted with things they can find around the house. Students have become creative by designing barbells from broom sticks, attaching milk bottles on each end and filling them up with books and rocks. All sessions are found on the Scots Mind Body Heart Schoolbox page, along with weekly challenges for staff and students where personal results can be posted.

“We have also continued to ensure that injured students are not forgotten, by providing rehab sessions via Zoom. [We are] personally, working through their individual rehab programs with them to ensure they return from injury stronger than ever.

“As a team, we have enjoyed the new challenges faced during this time and are continually trying to promote how the Scots community can continue to live an active and healthy lifestyle.”

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William Elder


Mr Alan Elder was born in Scotland and migrated to Australia with his parents at a young age. He attended The Scots College for all his schooling, graduating in 1944. He played 1st XI Cricket and was a member of the College Cadet Unit. After leaving school Mr Elder studied accountancy and retained a life-long love of the College, especially the Pipes and Drums. Mr Elder never married, however the significant bequest he left will allow his Scots family to remember him through the Lang Walker Business Centre.