It is with sincere thanks that we acknowledge the following donors who have generously donated and/or bequeathed gifts for the many and varied projects around the College.

The lists have been compiled using the College’s gift and bequest registry that was received towards various major projects. If you have bequeathed a gift to the College and your name does not appear on this list, or it contains errors or omissions, please contact the Foundation Office at [email protected] or call +61 02 9391 7853.

It would be our honour to formally acknowledge and thank your family, for your generous support. 

Current Projects

John Cunningham Student Centre

John Cunningham AM SCM (’50)

Peter Scott (’51)
The Zylstra Family

The Hyder Family
Jingui Xu and Ying Zhou
Old Boys’ Union, The Scots College

Xuan Lin Chen and Liu Xui (Coco) Chen
Peter Howarth OAM (’58)
Blake Walker (’91) – Walker Group Holdings
Women’s Association, The Scots College

Bailu Arnold
Chaodian Chen and Muhong Wang
Hao Fan and Yunjin (Judy) Zhou
Xuejun He and Wei Li
Chan Kwan Mo and Ju (Audrey) Lin
Tie Lei Lyu and Lin Wang
Alfred Moufarrige AO (’58)
Marco and Stephanie Rossi
Jie and Halina Wang
Xiaojing Wang and Jia Yu
Zhenyu Wu and Haimin Qian
Yutian Bai and Yuexin Sheng
Jinghui Yuan
Zhi An Zhang and Mei Peng
Bin Zhong and Yan Li
Zhiyong Zhu and Yafen (Selene) Shen

Hanjian (Tony) Ba and Cheng Zhi (Susanna) Ren
Niall Cairns (’92) and Sonia Darbey
Peter Calligeros (’90) and Sacha Calligeros
Jianhui Cao and Jing Su
Yihong Cheng
Wenchao Fan and Xiaoli Zhao
Steven Gordon (’71)
Allan and Tiyana Hass
Kang Li and Meili Yang
Zhenqiang Lin and Yan Zhang
Jingsong Lu and Xuena Feng
Zhaohua Ma and Yanhua Jiang
Paul and Margaret McGreal
Robert (’77), Andrew (’78) and Richard (’81) Mostyn
Tony Muston (’71)
Angelo and Fiona Sklavos
Alexander Thorp and Shay Lewis-Thorp
Jianguang Wang and Weiwei Zhang
Wenjie Xia and Mela Shao
Bowei Yang and Wenjing Xie
Feng Zhang and Zhan Jin
Jian Zhou and Li Fan

Thomas (Tom) Booth (’83) and Larissa Belonogoff
Andrew Bullock (’87) and Justine Isemonger
Paul and Vanessa Craft
Justin and Ali Crwaford
Dr Michael Dixon and Dr Dee de Bruyn
Chris and Raquel Ellis
Jason Fung (’91)
Bruno and Sia Pisano
Marcus Levy and Vanessa Sanchez-Levy
Parents and Carers of the Class of 2022 – 130th Celebration Cabinet
Parents and Carers of the Class of 2023 – Windvane Spire
Parents and Carers of Year 6, 2022 – Level 1 Anchor
Graham Small (’67)
Gregory and Elizabeth Sanderson
Christopher Sanford (’60) and Anne Maree Sanford
Arthur Spellson (’89)
John Stackpool
Anthony and Amelia Teasdale
The Brisbane Luncheon Group
Nian Tong and Qing (Angelina) Huai
Ganghui Xie and Yunyun Chen
Zhen xin Zhong and Jojo Yu

Nagi and Joanna Assaad
James (Jim) Bain AM (’47)
Christopher and Heather Barbour – In Memory of David Watts (’48)
Shane and Catherine Barr
John and Georgina Beck
Luke Bowman (’92) and Melissa Bowman
Adam and Carmen Beverley-Smith
The Bruce Family – Gordon (’17), Alec (’46), David (’73), James (’01), Sam (’04), Nick (’07)
John Burrows (’47)
Craig and Nerida Caesar
Jenny Cerroti – In Memory of Dr Colin Orr (’55)
Jack Cowin
Grahame Cox
Terry Clune (’50)
Ian Crawford, on behalf of the Crawford Family
Robert and Camilla Cropper
James and Mary Dack
Colin Davidson (’53)
Roger Dornan (’48)
Michael Downey (’56)
Benjamin and Ewa Ellis
Thomak Fok (’69)
Dylan and Lyndsay Foo
The Forbes Williams Family – Kenneth (’47), Alex (’88), Angus (’22), Jordan (’24) and Billy (’26)
Malcolm Gerrard (’48) and Jack L Gerrard (’19)
David (’93) and Rebecca Guilfoyle
The Hart Family – Robert (’91), Thomas (’20), Hugo (’23)
Andrew (’91) and Prue Hufton
Robin Hutcheon (’45)
The Hooke Family – John (1893), Ted (’56), Frank (’56), David (’85), James (2015), Charlie (2017)
Chris and Jane James
Trevor Jones (’59)
Thomas King
The Logan Family – Robert (’55), Andrew (’82), Richard (’83), Oliver (’21), Sam (’22)
The Logan Family – Bob (’39), Tim (’66), Mark (’08), Joshua (’09)
The Low Family – Frank (’30), Ian (’58), Bill (’88), Thomas (’10), Charlie (’18)
Robert and Samantha Luciano
The Marcells Family
The Meggitt Family – John (’53), John (’83), Matt (’19), Max (’22), Will (’26)
June McKinnon – In Memory of Bruce McKinnon (’51)
Prof Colin Moore (’55)
The Moore Family – JR (1918), JLR (1959), JA (1985), TL (1990), HJ (2019)
Fergus Munro (’22)
Stuart and Kate O’Brien
Jason Parrish (’07)
Hedley Palmer
The Reid Family – Nigel (’68), David (’69), Sean (’12)
Dr John and Edwina Rouse
The Ryrie Family – John (’42), David (’86), Scott (’76), Ben (’05) and James (’07)
Christopher Sanford (’60) and Anne Maree Sanford
Ian Simpson (’87) and Catherine (Cate) Simpson
The Simpson Family – Neil (’47), James (’81), Ian (’87), Charles (’23)
Selina and Anthony Sork
Jane Stott – In Memory of David Burrows (’48)
Keizo and Miyuki Takewaka
John Taylor and Christine Britten-Jones
Christopher Trevor Jones (’59)
Morry and Julie Waked
David Keith Millroy Whish (’76)
Henry Sze Yuen Wong OB (’02)


Peter Howarth OAM (’58)
The Halloran Trust
Chen Liu and Ting Zhang
Lachlan and Sarah Murdoch
Xintang Ye and Lily Guan Ye
Guiquan Zhang and Yun Yang

Li Bao and Kun Feng
Yu Fu Chen and Mei Yun Ding
Zhaohua Ma and Yanhua Jiang
Junhao Zhang and Lili Wang

Bruno and Sia Pisano
Hao Sha and Manfei Xue

Nicholas Panos (’89)
Dan Yang and Yi Zhang

Michael and Mary Yu Mee Car
Dr Jeffrey Cooper and AnBinh Phan
James Cudmore and Alison Morris
Wei Nan Dong and Diana Ren
Clive English and Dr Lisa Tarlinton
Dr Howard Fan and Joan Tang
Wayne and Tamar Fraser
Ayumi and Sally Mizoshiri
Erik Moore and Angeliki Dimitriou
Danh and Lihong Nguyen
Lingbin Pan and Sha (Theresa) Wang
Trent and Lisa Peterson
Neill and Laura Posthumus
Raymond Tse and Jovy Mui
Ewan van Zyl and Heila Cronje
Stephen and Reiko Vecchio-Ruggeri
Christopher and Lisa Whelan
Wai Hang Yeung and Chunyan Jin
Bo Zhang and Wen Tang
Wo Dong (Harry) Zhu and Nihong (Natalie) Chen

Preparatory Playground Upgrades

Marc Wyld and Meri Nastevska

Completed Projects

Harry Triguboff Auditorium – 2022

Harry Triguboff AO (’50)

Peter and Anita Weinert

Alan Rydge AO (’70)

Henry Wong (’02)
Jingui Xu and Ying Zhou

Jiabin Chen and Hua Zhang
Wenjie Li and Yiying Li
Dong Xu
Zhigang Wu and Xiaorong Huang
Xiaohong Yang and Xiaochao Zhang
Ji Fu Zhao and Yan Wu

Peter Howarth OAM (’57) and Judy Howarth
Tao Chen and Chunlan Liu
Xiuping Gao
Yan Jiang
Li Jin
Old Boys’ Union, The Scots College
Zhaohua Ma

Peter and Susan Bourke
Ciaran and Carly Donovan
Wenchao Fan and Xiaoli Zhao
Yanbo Gu and Na Feng
Zhaoxin Jin and Xu Zhao
Leong Lai and Lola Wang Li
Zhongxin Li and Helen Pang
Zhenqiang Lin and Yan Zhang
Dongqing Ma and Xiaohong Du
Geordie Manolas (’95) and Debbie Manolas
Robert Mead
Parents’ Association, The Scots College
Cheng Zhi Ren and Hanjian Ba
Meng Wang and Jihui Huang
Dong Wei and Sophie Qin
Shu Yu and Shanyan Cui
Naili Zhang
Tony Zhang (’27)

Scott and Alina Barlow
The Bartos and Samengo Families
Andrew Bartos (’81) and Elena Bartos
Thomas (Tom) Booth (’83) and Larissa Belonogoff
Christopher and Tracey Cahill
Niall Cairns (’92) and Sonia Darbey
Niall Chang (’95)
Debating and Public Speaking Support Group, The Scots College
Jamie Dickson and Vicky Wang
Football Support Group, The Scots College
The Hyder Family
Constantine Kotis and Lisa Grant-Kotis
The Logan Family – Bob Logan (’55), Andrew Logan (’82), Richard Logan (’83), Oliver Logan (’21) and Sam Logan (’22)
Lionel McFadyen (’80) and Jennifer (Jenny) McFadyen
Andrew Michael and Michele Brooks
Warwick Pilcher (’63) and Nancy Pilcher
Pipes and Drums Association, The Scots College
Paul and Katherine Psirakis
Wei Qiu and Binbin Li
Rugby Support Group, The Scots College
Jonathan and Bettina Samengo
Christopher Sanford (’60) and Anne Maree Sanford
Snowsports Association, The Scots College
Benjamin and Jenelle Webster
Women’s Association, The Scots College
Zhi Xu and Cathy Guo
Lily Guan Ye
Barry Yu and Viviana Si
Zhen Xin Zhong and Junyi Yu
Jun Zhu and Xiang Dan Meng
Zhiyong Zhu and Yafen Shen

Steven and Catherine Adams
Cameron Algie (’92)
Stewart Algie (’90) and Kim Algie
Ian and Melinda (Mindy) Alker
Peter (’88) and Angelique Andrews
Robert and Kate Arnott
Scott Ash and Irene Caldwell-Ash
Christopher Atkinson (’80) and Sarah Atkinson
Yutian Bai and Yuexin Sheng
Christopher and Heather Barbour – In Memory of David Watts (’48)
Amanda Barwick
Catherine Bastock
Hans and Ellie Borgelt
Ron Bova
Luke Bowman (’92) and Melissa Bowman
John Brieger (’49) and Susi Brieger
Michael and Kim Buchanan
Edward and Prudence (Prue) Burns
Michael Burrell (’75)
Michael Burrell (’06) – In Memory of Ian Burrell (’72)
Sevag Chalabian
Terrence Chau and Jessie Xiao
Christopher Cheung OAM (’84) and Vittoria Cheung
Dr Christopher and Eleanor Choong
Brad and Kristy Christensen
Adrian Clark (’74)
Prof Graeme Clark AC (’51)
Julie Clarke
Samuel and Megan Clifton
Nicklas and Fiona Cobcroft
James and Karen Coe
Patrick Cogan (’93)
Andrew and Aisling Cooper
John and Mary Crerar
Cricket Support Group, The Scots College
Robert and Camilla Cropper
Andrew and Jodie Crowe
Jie Dai and Jane Zhu
Shipeng Ding and Xiaolin Jin
Ciaran and Carly Donovan
Justin and Annaleise Doobov
Roger Dornan (’48)
Louis and Amanda Dounis
Ian and Maria Dunbar
Brad and Gaye Entwistle
Ben and Belinda Fairfax
Hao Fan and Yunjin Zhou
Joseph and Fiona Fayyad
Man Fong Fok
Peter Fredricson and Nikola Lawrence
Adrian and Carmella Galasso
Yumei Gao and Nan Cao
Leanne Gazzola
Luca Giacomin and Katherine O’Shea
Hugo Gruzman (’05)
Richard Halliday (’87) and Alison Halliday
Danny and Cinzia Hanna
Dirk Hansen (’81) and Amanda Hansen
Lee Hawksley
Andrew and Kate Hawthorne
Andrew Head (’92) and Rebecca Head
Daniel (Dan) and Candice Heapes
Magdalena Hinckfuss
Neil Hoar and Lisa Burgess-Hoar
Simonne Ingham
Benjamin and Ramona Johnston
Angus and Sonia Karoll
David Kellaway (’51) and Wendy Perkins
Peter King and Keryn Thompson
Chan Kwan and Audrey Lin
Cindy Lam
Michael Leong (’86) and Lorrain Aekins
Haoping Li
Xiaohong Li and Rongrong Huang
Christian Liem (’95)
Paul Lister
David and Karen Littlejohn
Richard Logan (’83) and Cecilia Logan
Leo and Christina Lynch
Hamish Magoffin (’01)
Timothy Marwedel (’87) and Samantha Marwedel
Tony and Nicole Mattani
Marcus McAdam and Vanessa Ayles
Hamish and Nicola McCathie
Paul and Margaret McGreal
Hugh McLean (’91) and Alison McLean
Fraser and Megan McLeish
Tim McMullen (’80) and Naomi McMullen
Paul and Janet Mitchell
Ross and Marisa Mitchell
Timothy Morphy and Jacquelyn Vanzella
Anthony Muston (’71) and Jenny Muston
Fred and Loretta Nasa
Paul and Rebecca Oates
Vlacheslav Pak and Svetlana Rusanova
Parents and Carers of the Class of 2021 – Lectern and Principal’s Desk
Jason Parrish (’07) and Emma Parrish
Rev Paul Perini (’68) and Michelle Perini
Lachlan and Elizabeth Perks
Graeme Peters (’70)
Bruno and Sia Pisano
Andrew and Chloe Podgornik
Mark Pollasky and Heidy Jameel
Andrew Potter and Louise Della-Franca
Ken and Jacinta Purvis
Hui Qi and Jing Pang
James Rayner (’65)
Paul and Jodie Richardson
David Rimbo and Erika Rahman
Bryan and Rachelle Rose
Marco and Stephanie Rossi
Scott and Teresa Savala
Stuart and Samantha Sayers
Anthony and Mechele Schulz
Shahram Shahidi and Michelle Donegan
Ian Simpson (’87) and Catherine (Cate) Simpson
Robin Simpson
Adrian and Yvette Sjarif
Paul and Ellen Slaven
Craig and India Smith
Johannes (Joh) Snyman and Olivia Williams
James and Jenny Stavroulakis
Allan and Naomi Stevens
Zhaokun Su and Yanchang Wang
Craig Swan (’82)
John Taylor and Christine Britten-Jones
Justin and Brooke Taylor
Tennis Support Group, The Scots College
Joni Stephen Tjiong and Lie Oen
The Parents, 2019 1sts Tennis AAGPS Premiers
The Parents, 2022 2nds Water Polo AAGPS Premiers
The Parents, 2022 2nd XV Rugby AAGPS Premiers
John Thompson
David and Kandee Thorn
David Todd (’98)
Stephen and Sarah Todd
Danyu Tong and Yahong Zhang
Nian Tong and Qing Huai
Soames Treffry (’88) and Alli Treffry
Steven van der Donk and Rebecca Want
Simon and Natalie Vanstone
Wendy Volckmar
Peter and Sally Wade
Morry and Julie Waked
Peter Walker and Emma Maynard
Hanman Wang and Lijie Zhang
Hui Wang and Yanwu Liu
Qifan Wang
Zhi Yuan Wang and Yunan Liu
Edward and Paulina White
St Elmo and Shelley Wilken
Gary and Catherine Wingrove
Martin Wolfram (’94) and Geana Wolfram
Akuila and Sekolasitika Wong
Simon and Melinda Wright
Jianzhong Yang and Caixia Yun
Fred Yu and Yan Wang
Daping Zhang and Lixia Song
Guiquan Zhang and Yun Yang
Guoqing Zhang and Shanshan Liu
Yu Zhang (’00)

Glengarry Regeneration – 2020

Henry Wong (’02)
Peter and Anita Weinert
Tommy Yong (’10)

Susan Bourke
Andrew Head (’92) and Rebecca Head
Simon and Melinda Wright

Hans and Ellie Borgelt
Michael and Kim Buchanan
Edward and Prue Burns
Christopher and Tracey Cahill
Dr Dee de Bruyn
Bradley Fittler and Marie Liarris
Trevor and Jacquie Folsom
Jason Fung (’91) and Peggie Liu
Allan Le (’71) and Christine Le
William and Alison McKenzie
Andrew and Sharon Moore
Wei Qiu and Binbin Li
Christopher Sanford (’60) and Anne Maree Sanford
Ian Simpson (’87)
Andrew Vass (’97)
Christian Waked (’19)
Ethan Waked (’18)
Hanmin Wang and Lijie Zhang
Richard and Sarah Wylie
Tony Yang and Jessica Jiang
Ping Zhong and Weizhen Liu

Rohan Amir (’21)
Timothy Arnott (’70) and Jane Arnott
Andrew Bullock (’87) and Justine Isemonger
Paul Carvosso and Kristen Hinrichsen
Chuak Chan (’85) and Tarlan Amigh
Anthony and Cate Chandler
Denny Chen (’15)
Robert and Natalie Coombe
Andrew Cooper (’78) and Annabel Cooper
Gregory Crichton (’68) and Maggie Crichton
Graham and Angela Davis
Sally Dempster
Dinh Truong Doan and Thi Bich Lien Tran
Ciaran and Carly Donovan
Louis and Amanda Dounis
Nicholas Dyer and Jacki Eckhold-Dyer
Charles Edmondson (’63) and Anne Edmondson
Dr Douglas and Dr Carol Fenton-Lee
Richard and Nina Finlayson
Mark and Megan Fookes
Matthew Fung (’18)
Adam Gelbart (’00)
George Hadjia (’08)
Hugh Hamilton (’50)
Rev Neil Harvey (’59)
Samih and Rola Hijwel
Richard and Melissa Howes
Damian and Rebecca Huon
Annie Jeffrey
Constantine Kanavas (‘87) and Roswita Ragg
James and Nicole Kelly
Mohit Keni and Sapna Mehta
Tom Kuessner (’19)
Dr Peter and Kathryn Lau
Andrew and Sandra McDonald
Fraser and Megan McLeish
Luke Owen (’98)
Vlacheslav Pak and Svetlana Rusanova
David Reid (’04)
Alexander Riley (’98) and Eliza Iredale
Patrick San Gabriel (’13)
Jeremy Stevenson and Suzana Pacheco
David and Kandee Thorn
Christopher Trevor-Jones (’59)
Victor and Nadya Ubugun
Andrew Ulcoq
Ewan van Zyl and Heila Cronje
Jun Jiang and Jun Wang
Fenghua Wang and Ying Zhou
Min Wei and Li Wang
Justin Wong (’10)
Peiqing Wu and Judy Wang
Jianzhong Chen and Shaozhi Xu
Shirley Yeung and Temogen Hield
Daping Zhang and Lixia Song

Lang Walker Business Centre – 2017

Niall Cairns (’92), Dr Hugh and Hilary Cairns
Chris Carlson (’78)
Christopher Cheung OAM (’84), Jean-Christian Cheung (’87) and John Cheung
William (Alan) Elder (’44)
John Hanks (’42)
Peter Howarth OAM (’58)
Andrew Michael and Michele Brooks
Alfred Moufarrige AO (’58)
John Murray
Alan Rydge AO (’70)
Christopher Sanford (’60)
Old Boys’ Union, The Scots College
David Thomas (’52)
Harry Triguboff AO (’50)
Cecil ‘Bing’ White Family

Robert Cameron
Angus Carver (’83)
The Pilcher Family
Peter White (’60)

Bill and Susan Anderson Family
Jamie Bonic
Thomas (Tom) Booth (’83)
Andrew Bullock (’87)
William (Bill) Calcraft (’75)
Alan Cameron AO (’64)
Dr Peter Crowe (’41)
James Hislop (’40)
Bruce Hudson (’52)
Lola Wang Li
Stephen Merriman (’70) and Matthew Merriman (’97)
Dr Kenneth Neale (’60)
Seamus Quick (’90)
Bruce and Joy Reid Foundation
Peter Scott (’51)
Jeremy St John (’61)
Morry and Julie Waked
Arthur Walker (’61)
Yi Jing (Kevin) Xie

David Allsopp (’50)
Peter Aroney
David Cann (’83)
Chuak Chan (’85)
Robert Clemesha (’77)
Andrew Cooper (’81)
John Cooper (’51)
Antony (Tony) Coote (’56)
Ian Cornick (’89)
Robert Cowley (’68)
Michael Crowley (’70)
Colin Davidson
Peter Davidson (’52)
Sandy Davidson
Christopher Degnan (’98)
Stephen Girdis (’78)
Ian Gordon (’57)
Dr Bruce Greig (’71)
James Hall (’53)
Simon Hudson (’84)
Caleb Jarvis (’88)
Arthur Kontalis (’74)
Jacques Kurdian (’86)
Anthony Lam (’84)
Richard Lissenden (’84) and Kathryn (Kathy) Lissenden
Dr John Lobban (’58)
The Logan Family – Bob Logan (’55), Andrew Logan (’82), Richard Logan (’83), Oliver Logan (’21) and Sam Logan (’22)
Kim Martel (’69)
Bruce Millar and Marnie Lewis-Millar
Alf McCarthy (’63)
Allan Moss AO (’67)
Anthony Muston (’71)
Anthony Quigley (’78)
Andrew Ratcliffe (’72)
Stephen Roberts (’79) and Robyn Roberts
Marco Rossi
Dr Michael Sharpe (’66)
Dr Gregory Solomons (’81)
Andrew Stewart (’87)
Ian Sweetapple (’48)
James Todd (’81) and Robin Todd
The Torrence Family
Christopher Vass (’84)
Rodney Whereat (’51)
Marshall White (’68)
Justin Wong (’10)

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William Elder


Mr Alan Elder was born in Scotland and migrated to Australia with his parents at a young age. He attended The Scots College for all his schooling, graduating in 1944. He played 1st XI Cricket and was a member of the College Cadet Unit. After leaving school Mr Elder studied accountancy and retained a life-long love of the College, especially the Pipes and Drums. Mr Elder never married, however the significant bequest he left will allow his Scots family to remember him through the Lang Walker Business Centre.