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Year 11 STEAM students at The Scots College, Jordan Berryman, Kevin Qu and Morgan Banks, in one of the recently developed interactive classrooms.

A burgeoning Co-Curricular Program is just one aspect of the unique experiential approaches to learning adopted at The Scots College. Supported by years of research, hands-on learning, workshops, and week-long camps take place alongside traditional classroom teaching to give boys a truly all-round schooling experience. In implementing this approach, the College aims to provide a holistic education that will benefit students years after they leave the classroom behind.

Research showing the advantages of incorporating students into the learning process over traditional didactic classroom-based approaches has prompted the College to take this action.

“Providing engaging educational design, contexts, processes and outcomes act as the catapult from which boys may direct themselves into life, becoming lifelong learners and active and fulfilled citizens” commented Dr Ian PM Lambert, Principal of The Scots College.

As a result, the College promotes alternative learning environments, such as those within the Co-Curricular Program.

In Co-Curricular, which includes disciplines such as Pipes and Drums, Cadets, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), no formal assessments are undertaken. Instead, the program culminates at the end of each year with a weeklong camping experience allowing students to put in practice all the skills developed over the course of the year.

In 2015, students in the STEAM discipline attended a workshop held by experts in the software development and programming fields for three days before programming Arduino micro-controllers and constructing a multi-sensor robot.

By allowing students to experience this hands-on, they gained invaluable skills in solving problems and implementing solutions, which are transferrable across a multitude of real-life situations.

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William Elder


Mr Alan Elder was born in Scotland and migrated to Australia with his parents at a young age. He attended The Scots College for all his schooling, graduating in 1944. He played 1st XI Cricket and was a member of the College Cadet Unit. After leaving school Mr Elder studied accountancy and retained a life-long love of the College, especially the Pipes and Drums. Mr Elder never married, however the significant bequest he left will allow his Scots family to remember him through the Lang Walker Business Centre.