The Way Boys Play

The aim of the new play space was to be a provocation for creative play for highly energetic boys and ‘away’ spaces for boys who like to watch, build, talk and contemplate. It started with a walk and a talk. We introduced one class at a time to the ELC playground and then we talked […]

Character Leaders in Education National Symposium 2022

Supporting the College’s vision for reinventing education is the desire to form the character of the young men in our care, so that under God they would have the finest preparation for life. With this intention in mind, Scots was pleased to be a part of the inaugural Character Leaders in Education National Symposium 2022, held […]

New Research by Scots Teachers

We often talk about curiosity as a virtue to cultivate in young people. We want them to explore, to wonder, to question. And rightly so. But as we learnt from our 2017 Clark Fellow, Professor David Smith, ‘curiositas’, understood in the great classical and Christian traditions, is not a virtue at all. It is a […]

Highest Honour Achieved

When The Scots College was founded in 1893, the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in New South Wales, the Right Reverend James Smith White said that its teachers would be those who had “won the highest honours in the university”, were well-acquainted with teaching boys, and viewed teaching as “a work of faith, a labour […]

The Art of Teaching Podcast

Across Australia and overseas, it is well understood that education and schooling needs to evolve, so that students are better prepared for life, economic change, and even global, political or social uncertainty. Schools are seeking to engage students – enthusiastically and meaningfully – in every aspect of their learning, from the moment their school journey […]

Scots’ 2022 Lawrence Campbell Oratory Award Competition Winner

In amazing and extraordinary news, Scots student, Marcus Nguyen (Year 12) has just won the illustrious, challenging, and intensely demanding, 2022 Lawrence Campbell Oratory Competition! The Lawrence Campbell Oratory Competition is – by far – the most difficult of all the student speaking contests. This highly competitive and prestigious competition, open only to Great Public […]

How is Scots Reinventing Boys’ Learning?

In a previous article, Your Son’s Future Starts Here, we shared a few reasons why the current education system may not be best suited to preparing boys for life after school, and why schools – like Scots – need to continue to reinvent the educational experience. At The Scots College, we asked ourselves: How have […]

Your Son’s Future Starts Here

At The Scots College, we want to give boys ‘the finest preparation for life’. The essential question we need to ask ourselves is: What will a boy’s future look like? We want to prepare our students for the world as it will be, not the world into which their teachers, parents and carers emerged after […]

Meet Nala! She’s a Wellbeing Dog

Following much research, the Preparatory School has decided to ‘employ’ a new member of staff. This is Nala. She is the College’s very first wellbeing dog! We welcomed her to the College on 8 February, but she is also very happy with the Gallant family being her other home at nights and on weekends. Yes, […]