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About Scots

The Scots College is one of Australia’s oldest and most respected Presbyterian boys’ schools, located in Sydney. The College is a distinctive Australian school that defends the honourable traditions, adventures and learning of boys. We exist to inspire boys to learn, lead and serve as they strive for excellence together. – it’s the finest preparation for life.

As one of Australia’s top independent boys’ schools in Sydney, we acknowledge the importance of student engagement, challenge and active learning opportunities that are increasingly personalised and shaped to thoroughly equip boys for the future.

We encourage our young men to reflect on the metaphor of a rope with three strands. One strand represents the spirit, the spirit they have within them and acting upon them, directing their faith perspective, values, and moral compass, and their capacity to carry this spirit into the lives of those around them. The second strand represents the word – spoken, written and evident in the natural laws of the creation, given to them that they might know the truth through faith, reason and scholarship, and carry and share this knowledge through all the days of their lives. The final strand to the rope represents the world – this is their opportunity to connect with and serve those around them and to seek to enhance the lives of others. We believe that the quality of one’s leadership springs from the quality of one’s heart – the values, virtues, priorities and hopes.

The power and collective aim of the three-stranded rope is to produce right-heartedness, right thinking, and right action. We would argue that where these three concerns are held together in synthesis, then Scots boys should be well prepared to make a significant contribution to the shaping of Australian society and culture. With Brave Hearts and Bold Minds – head, heart and hands engaged – they might become strong, secure, humble and powerful. As we are reminded in the wisdom literature of Ecclesiastes (4:12 CSB) “a cord of three strands is not easily broken”.

Since 1893, The Scots College has combined a rich respect for tradition with an engaging embrace of the future. Today, our aim is to remember the past, harness the present, and build for the future. This year, has seen us, once again, embrace our honourable traditions and press forward with new confidence and creative energy. Our strong emphasis on leadership preparation, constructive service and personal fulfilment combine to challenge and inspire students to reach new levels of inquiry, understanding and achievement. Ours is a rich vision and an equally rich everyday reality.

Certainly, when we educate at The Scots College, we are engaged in telling the next generation the cultural story of what previous generations have found important to know in order to keep their way of life healthy, sustainable and flourishing. The process of education allows the rising generation to ‘catch up’ with cultural developments and equips them to turn the ‘cultural fund’ of knowledge into ‘cultural capital’ – resources for maintaining and shaping a way of engaging in life. Through the process of education, Scots’ learners develop an ownership stake in a living cultural memory. That is why, for example, our faith and tradition, is important in what we value. We live between memory and vision.

The Scots College’s quest for excellence in all spheres of learning, sport, co-curricular activities, leadership and service is increasingly evident in the boys’ lives. The depth and breadth of high achievement continues to amaze and astonish the staff as they work alongside the fine young boys and men of the Scots Rose Bay Early Years Centre, Early Learning Centre, Preparatory School, Brighton Preparatory School, Glengarry, Bannockburn and the Senior School. Our vision for learning is framed by our Brave Hearts Bold Minds philosophy where creative and courageous thinking, rigorous and disciplined learning, and refined character come together in a culture of high expectations. 

A historic and successful school, like The Scots College, has many priorities, many excellent programs, and many new and continuing initiatives. Following the successful completion of the College master plan in 2009, it has been particularly encouraging to witness the development of our physical learning environment alongside the implementation of our educational goals and priorities as outlined in our The Strategic Intent of The Scots College 2016-2025.

  • Faith: expressing a contemporary and engaging Christian faith and educational philosophy
  • Heritage: building community through heritage, continuity and culture
  • Vision: creating, articulating and implementing a distinctive educational vision
  • Coherence: building unity of purpose through shared goals and aligned teams
  • Aspiration: developing foundational depth to support creativity, innovation and high standards
  • Beauty: developing the physical environment to reflect the artistic/aesthetic dimension of learning

Scots: The finest preparation for life

A Scots education is character-based. It is an individualised balance of focus on academic achievement, relationships, sport participation, co-curricular activity, and faith development. Character is the element that binds it all together.


Glengarry is a unique outdoor education, six-month residential experience for all Year 9 students. This unique program is conducive to boys’ rapid social, physical and mental development. A rite of passage into manhood.

Located in the pristine Kangaroo Valley, two hours south-west of Sydney, Glengarry provides a learning environment with the highest level of Outdoors NSW & ACT accreditation with extensive state-of-the-art safety and risk management procedures.

Introduced in 2012, The Long Journey Home, a hike of over 200 kilometres concludes the boys’ time at Glengarry and takes them home to Bellevue Hill.

Glengarry is a key catalyst in fostering the personal formation of Scots boys, supported by a community formation that is co-shaped by the boys, and passionate and committed professional staff. The experience for boys suits their particular stage of adolescent development, assisting their transition to manhood by providing a unique rite of passage with the opportunity for spiritual reflection about their life journey. Glengarry offers a truly transformational experience for boys, and it has the desire is for it to become an iconic world-class model of equipping boys for their movement through adult life.

Glengarry provides an innovative rural setting for boys to experience a context of safe adventure which fosters both a healthy self-reliance and self-denial to serve others. The focus is on the whole boy and each boy’s personal formation, and hence Glengarry is more than a school, it is an experiential learning opportunity. Boys are intentionally removed from the main campus and relocated to a remote and rural setting with an experiential learning program, for a sustained period of six months. Here, they are challenged in a natural environment with a balanced curriculum designed to assist the holistic development of the boys in:

  • exploring life’s deeper questions and discovering adult life-skills
  • strengthening personal qualities such as responsibility, resilience and courage
  • growing in personal autonomy by accepting responsibility and managing risk
  • integrating outdoor and academic learning
  • meeting strong intellectual challenges and core academic outcomes
  • being equipped to develop their health and fitness
  • developing personal values and interpersonal and social skills by living in community
  • appreciating environmental stewardship in understanding and using natural

This significant phase of their formation is continued in their remaining years at the Senior School campus, as they journey from attachment to parents via significant others to personal autonomy. During Years 10 to 12, Scots provides other opportunities for the boys to further explore their identity and develop their character in pursuit of lifelong learning and leadership in service of others.

We are working within a strategic plan which the College Council intends will be continually developed in the coming years. The College is proud of the achievements of the unique Glengarry experiential education program.

Glengarry Location

Glengarry is located two hours south-west of Sydney in the small country town of Kangaroo Valley, midway between Moss Vale and Nowra. Much of Kangaroo Valley falls within the boundaries of Morton National Park, one of the largest parks in NSW, about 140 kilometres south-west of Sydney.

As one of the top private boys’ schools in Sydney, we acknowledge the importance of student engagement, challenge and active learning opportunities that are increasingly personalised and shaped to thoroughly equip boys for the future.

“I am grateful that, at Glengarry, I have made so many great friends and I have become so close with everyone in my dorm. The Long Journey Home – and this whole experience – would not have been the same, as we have grown together. Our time at Glengarry is coming to an end, and I am appreciative of the staff, for every minute. It will be emotional but fun to walk through the Senior School gates at the end of our journey.”
Intake 1, 2021 student during The Long Journey Home.


The Scots College is seeking applicants for the position of Head of Glengarry to commence in 2023 (exact date of commencement by mutual agreement between the successful applicant and the College). This position will become vacant, due to the retirement of the current Director of Glengarry at the end of Semester 1, 2023.

The College is looking for a candidate who is an outstanding educator and leader with a strong commitment to the Christian philosophy of the College. They will continue to shape the academic program and, at the same time, work as part of the Senior School team to supervise and nurture the developmental needs of Year 9 boys. The Transition Cubs (3 year olds) to Year 12 learning continuum provides a framework for the whole learning experience at Scots – Glengarry is a crucial part of that experience. We are looking for an educator who can contribute significantly to the College team and work collegiately with the Glengarry and Senior School staff, and other College leaders.

The College invites applications, from experienced educators and school leaders, who are suitably qualified. A passion for the development of exciting and effective personal formation and experiential education for boys is essential.

If you are keen to work in an exciting and inspiring learning environment, please consider applying for this position.

About the Role

Head of Glengarry

Glengarry is a well-established specialist education facility that provides a distinctive learning environment in which Year 9 boys discover the tools they need to grow into fine young men. Glengarry’s residential program is a unique, expansive experience that accelerates boys’ social development and it is renowned as a rite of passage into manhood.

Role Description:

The Head of Glengarry provides strategic leadership of the vision, mission, values and culture of Glengarry, oversight of its operations and leadership in the development of the boys’ personal formation and experiential learning experiences across the Transition Cubs (3 year olds) to Year 12 program.

We offer outstanding opportunities for professional development, a supportive work environment and new experiences.

Location: Glengarry is located in the pristine Kangaroo Valley, two hours south-west of Sydney – 369 Jack Corner Road, Kangaroo Valley NSW 2577.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Strategic management of the direction of Glengarry.
  • Oversight of Glengarry operations.
  • Leadership in the development of the outdoor learning experiences across the Transition Cubs (3 year olds) to Year 12 program.

Key Task and Expected Outcomes

Selection Criteria


Key Information

Type of Contract:

  • The Head of Glengarry is appointed for an initial contract period of five years, with the opportunity to renew the contract on the successful completion of a performance review.


  • The remuneration package will be comparable to that paid to leaders in similar positions in independent schools, taking into account the size and complexity of the Glengarry program and current initiatives.

Posted Date:

  • Thursday 8 September 2022

Closing Date:

  • 5:00pm, Monday 10 October 2022


Recruitment Process

1 Application completed online.

2 Initial discussion with People and Culture

3 Shortlisting

4 First Interview

5 Psychometric assessment and health assessment may be required.

6 Referees check

7 Second interview

Message from the Principal

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" Glengarry has been a valuable and rewarding experience on many levels. Through the physical and mental challenges presented, my sons were able to hone their skills in teamwork, leadership and individual responsibility, and in doing so, developed qualities such as courage, resilience, adaptability, thoughtfulness and self-respect. They came home young men equipped to take on the next stage of their lives. "
Mrs Susan Bourke
Mother of Angus, Simon and Tom Burke


Our Vision
and Mission

At The Scots College we believe that young men discover true wisdom through reverence for God and faith in Jesus Christ. The ultimate aim of our education is to help students acquire a knowledge of the truth – of God, society and the world – so that they are better prepared to serve in their families and the wider world, to the glory of God and for the welfare of others.

In seeking to serve God faithfully, the mission of The Scots College aims to help each boy discover his strength, develop his character, and pursue his God-given calling in the world.

Our Values

The Quest for Excellence through adventure, curiosity, creativity and personal growth.
Our Faith and Tradition which inspire truth, honour, loyalty and commitment.
Leadership Through Teams in a spirit of service, compassion, humour and community.

Reinventing Education

It is Time to Reinvent Education

Education – as we have experienced it – is no longer fit for purpose. A one-size-fits-all approach is failing our nation’s children.

Watch this video for a news update on how Scots is reinventing education

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To apply for this position, please fill in the application form by clicking on the Apply Now button that is located under the Role Description section and submit your resume.

  • All applicants must have a current NSW Working with Children Check.
  • All applicants must have the right to work in Australia.
  • All staff at The Scots College are subject to the Public Health Orders regarding mandatory vaccinations against COVID-19.

An initial screening process is completed to determine if each applicant meets the selection criteria for the position. The selection criteria is included in the Head of Glengarry role description.

Psychometric tests are designed to assess your personality, skills, competencies, abilities and natural talents, giving a more reasonable and accurate insight into how well suited a person is for a particular role.

The interview panel is keen to understand the suitability of your skills, whether you are aligned with the College values and if you can demonstrate a positive support for the Christian values of a Greater Public School.

William Elder


Mr Alan Elder was born in Scotland and migrated to Australia with his parents at a young age. He attended The Scots College for all his schooling, graduating in 1944. He played 1st XI Cricket and was a member of the College Cadet Unit. After leaving school Mr Elder studied accountancy and retained a life-long love of the College, especially the Pipes and Drums. Mr Elder never married, however the significant bequest he left will allow his Scots family to remember him through the Lang Walker Business Centre.